The Mercury Travel Club 
Where Chaos Comes Free

He took her to dinner – that was annoying

He slept with her – that was hurtful

He bought new underwear to impress her – quite frankly astounding

He left me to bloody wash his FILTHY WHORING PANTS – INFURIATING !

After 24 years and 11 months of marriage, Angie Shepherd is divorced, dejected and facing a future of cardigans and cats. Best friend Patty is having none of it, and launches Angie into a variety of crazy schemes in search of her lost mojo.

But it’s just not enough; what she really dreams of is beating her Ex and becoming Entrepreneur of the Year. Channelling her inner Richard Branson, Angie invests her divorce settlement into The Mercury Travel Club, a travel agency with a twist. But as the club gets going, things don’t go according to plan, and in this digital age, a little chaos brings the recognition Angie’s been looking for.

Witty, entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny, this feel-good novel shows that it’s never too late for a second chance.

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About the author

bridgettHelen has always loved books and always loved writing. One year she decided her New Year’s resolution would be “Write a novel to give as a Christmas present”. She spent the year writing and The Mercury Travel Club was born.

Helen hails from the North East but now lives in Manchester with her Husband and their Chocolate Labrador Angus. When not writing, Helen can usually be found walking or drinking wine – not usually at the same time.

Like many people, Helen believes that the music you grow up with as a teenager stays with you for the whole of your life. Being a child of 80’s rock, when she hears the opening riff to Sweet Child of Mine, she cannot be held responsible for her actions!

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2nd March 2017 – Booksofallkinds Blog

THE MERCURY TRAVEL CLUB by Helen Bridgett is one of the funniest books I have ever read, with a cast of characters that you will completely fall head over heels in love with. Meet Angie Shepherd, age 53, newly-divorced with a grown-up daughter and unsure of what exactly she is supposed to do with her life now. With the usual advice dispensed to those who find themselves in her situation, she makes a determined effort ‘to get out there’ and find a new path, and Angie does so with gusto. From the new book club where she makes new friends, becoming an overnight internet sensation during a drunken karaoke session with her best friend Patty, to trying to learn how to bake with her daughter even though she is a health hazard in the kitchen, life is certainly not dull. But while she is doing all of these exciting things with everyone else, Angie cannot help but feel that it is more for them than for her. But when Angie has an idea that could help grow the travel agency where she works, she has no clue that this new business venture will expand her world in ways she never thought possible.

From cruise ships with international criminals, a mother with no filter, speed dating, and showdowns with the ex, THE MERCURY TRAVEL CLUB by Helen Bridgett has everything you will ever need for an excellent nights reading – and trust me it will only take one night because you will not want to put this book down! Witty dialogue, clever characterisation, and a beautifully down-to-earth atmosphere throughout, this stunning debut shows us that life truly is what you make of it, and it is yours for the taking. I cannot wait to see what Helen Bridgett has for us next!!    BOOK RATING – 📖📖📖📖📖 5+++++++++