Ride a white swan

I sat behind a couple arguing today; again eavesdropping as I do. Their conversation wasn’t very interesting but the young lad behind me came up with a great line. Well I loved it anyway.
Clutching a T-Rex CD (yep – an actual CD) he turned to his Dad and said:

‘Dad – did you know that Marc Bolan died in 1977?’

Grunt from father.

‘That means he never EVEN got to see Star Wars.’

Got me wondering whether Marc Bolan would have liked Star Wars.


This year I’ve been writing the sequel to The Mercury Travel Club. The first draft is done – it’s actually been done since August – and after a couple of months just thinking about it, it’s time to go back and edit. I’m giving myself November to complete it – NaNoWriMo – as some of you know it. I enjoy this part of the process, it feels less pressurised than the first draft; I know where the story is going although the end sometimes changes (as I think it’s going to do this time). Before that there’s the little matter of the final proof-read of my first novel. I don’t enjoy this – terrified that I miss something critical. Or get my speling wrong!

The things people say

I have a confession to make – I eavesdrop. I can’t help myself – I just love other peoples’ conversations. Maybe this is a sign that mine aren’t all that interesting but I’ll skip that thought for now. Usually the eavesdropping just serves to remind us that people don’t speak in full sentences – quite often they don’t say anything at all – they just grunt responses and somehow we have to reflect this in our writing. Occasionally a gem of a line is uttered and I store it away hoping that one day I’ll get the chance to use it. Years ago, on a girls night out at a Chinese restaurant in Liverpool I heard a classic line but to this day I haven’t been able to include it anyway. The hen-table next to us were very merry when suddenly a cry went out – “Oh my god – she’s only gone and auctioned herself on the Lazy Susan!” You couldn’t make it up.