The things people say

I have a confession to make – I eavesdrop. I can’t help myself – I just love other peoples’ conversations. Maybe this is a sign that mine aren’t all that interesting but I’ll skip that thought for now. Usually the eavesdropping just serves to remind us that people don’t speak in full sentences – quite often they don’t say anything at all – they just grunt responses and somehow we have to reflect this in our writing. Occasionally a gem of a line is uttered and I store it away hoping that one day I’ll get the chance to use it. Years ago, on a girls night out at a Chinese restaurant in Liverpool I heard a classic line but to this day I haven’t been able to include it anyway. The hen-table next to us were very merry when suddenly a cry went out – “Oh my god – she’s only gone and auctioned herself on the Lazy Susan!” You couldn’t make it up.

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