Book Hangover

I’m no stranger to the normal type of hangover but who’d have thought the booky type would be just as exhausting? Here I am needing comfort food, jammies and easy conversation and I haven’t touched a drop! It’s simply not on – the next time I feel this bad, I want to have had a wee tipple at the very least.

The source of this exhaustion is my new kindle. I’ve always been a paperback & bookmark kind of girl but recently I had to buy a new phone and the screen is so darn big I thought I might as well download the app.

Those of you less Luddite than myself will already know the kindle format but this was a complete novelty – there are no pages…that’s right no pages. Instead you’re told what percentage of the book you’ve read. This is an absolute nightmare for someone as competitive as me – ‘I’ve done 50%? That’s not even a pass mark!’  I had to do a whole lot better than 50% – I couldn’t stop until I’d scored at least 75%. That’s a B+ in old money I think.

Then there’s the whole light-off discipline. With a normal book & a hubby with a normal job, you tend to do the decent thing – you get just to the end of the chapter and switch off so everyone can get some shut-eye. Now I can read all night without him indoors even noticing. It’s like owning that mythical wine glass – the one that just keeps re-filling itself.

So if I ever want to finish writing my next novel, I’m going to have to go back to paper and that gentle moment when you close the pages and get some sleep.

Kindle – it should some with a health warning “May Cause Book Hangovers”



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