The Heat Is On

The Blog Tour has started so, it’s official, the sequel is on it’s way! Angie, Patty and the rest of the Mercury Travel crew will be getting up to all kinds of shenanigans (love that word!) as they grapple with a toady new competitor. I mean to say, how dare anyone take on the wonderful Mercury!

It was a little strange sitting down to write the sequel because so many people I’ve met have views on what Angie would and wouldn’t do. It was quite interesting to hear and at one stage (when I was researching a particular shopping trip between Angie & Patty – no spoilers though), it was downright hilarious hearing the views as to who would buy what! I think you’ll spot the scene I’m talking about quite quickly.

As well as the main battle, Mercury continues to take customers around the world and I’ve included some of the places I’ve really loved. It’s great to be able to tell readers about them and I hope the novel inspires some travel.

I’ll update everyone when the novel is ready & available – meanwhile, here’s the list of bloggers taking a sneaky first peak xblogtour

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