A champagne-kinda week

It’s been quite a big week for me and the weekend is bringing a fabulous excuse to celebrate in style.

On Tuesday I actually finished the first draft of my fourth novel. It will need lots of editing and amends but I like this stage best of all – when you actually know you have a story that works. I’ll put it aside for a few weeks and go back to reviewing it in autumn. So at the moment, I have lots of free time and I’m not exactly sure what a normal human being does when they’re not making things up! I imagine the dog will have some extra walks.

And the next big thing to happen this week – The Heat is On is out in paperback today! The kindle version was released earlier but many of you have been asking about the “real” book and the good news is that you can get hold of it, literally, today.

Finally – this week is my little sister’s birthday! So I’ll be up in Newcastle celebrating with the family and no doubt having a bit of bubbly. People often ask if any of my novels are based on real life and there is an anecdote in The Heat is On which is based on a trip Victoria and I had to Amsterdam – look out for it.

It’s going to be a lovely week for me and I hope you too. Enjoy The Heat is On and raise a glass to my wee sister if you like – any excuse will do !

Helen x


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