Mary Poppins ft. The Clash

Hurrah! After several months of editing, my second novel is finally ready for submission. And now for the first time in ages, I’m free to walk in the sunshine or stroll along the river bank – anything other than sit tied to the laptop. I’ve anticipated this moment for weeks now. Manchester has been bathed in glorious sunshine recently and so I envisaged stepping out into the warmth and getting some much needed vitamin D before having to head back indoors to start writing again. So what happens? On my first day of freedom, it’s absolutely pouring with rain. Even the dog doesn’t want to go out in this. I dragged him out this morning but now he’s hiding in case I try that again. So what to do? It’s too early for a G&T (even for me) and going to the gym is holding no appeal whatsoever (again) – I know! I’ll play with Spotify.

I’m not great with technology but I think I’ve just managed to create a Mercury Travel Club playlist. As anyone who has read my first novel knows, 80’s music plays a big part in my heroine’s life and the playlist is an eclectic mix!  I truly believe that the music you grow up with stays with you forever. Just yesterday, I received a text from an old friend who simply said “They’re playing our tune”. I knew instantly what she meant and turned on the radio – even though we were over 300 miles apart, we were both dancing round the kitchen to the same song.

Many readers have told me that they loved the music in the book and I’m sure dancing round the kitchen is much better exercise than trotting on a treadmill.  It’s a perfect distraction on a rainy day – so if you enjoyed the book, try the soundtrack. Just turn up the volume and get dancing!

The Mercury Travel Club Playlistdance